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Toni Marie Chrabot

Toni Chrabot is the CEO of Risk Confidence  Group LLC.  She is a seasoned strategist, negotiator, licensed private investigator, and a retired FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge.  Since 2015 Mrs. Chrabot has overseen the business development, strategy and operations.  Risk Confidence Group clients include Fortune 100 companies, sports leagues, and companies in the technology, manufacturing and healthcare industries.  At the FBI she was responsible for strategy and management of the criminal, intelligence, cyber, and crisis management programs, as well as investigations and high-risk operations. She possesses expertise in developing intelligence-led risk and security programs designed to leverage collaboration and increase visibility to risks across the organization.  Her background in organizational communication, education, and strategy drive her ability to improve organizational structures.  She has provided advisory and operational services in support of crisis management, cyber intrusions, due diligence, compliance, corporate security, special event security planning, investigations, and litigation strategy.  Mrs. Chrabot has authored articles and white papers on kidnapping, security, strategy, and intelligence.  She has presented webinars and spoken at a number of industry conferences including ASIS Global Security Expo - GSX and Techo Security & Digital Forensics Conference.  She is committed to providing clients with quality expertise and service.

Frederick H.  Graessle

Frederick H. Graessle

Frederick H.  Graessle is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA),  a Chartered  Global Management Accountant (CGMA) and a retired Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  He  possesses Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering expertise.  In addition, Mr. Graessle helped develop BlackBox, a rules-based analytical and compliance product launched in 2017.  BlackBox  operates as an external control over financial and operational processes and helps protect assets and data through discovery of errors, omissions, thefts, and frauds, without the risk of compromise associated with traditional internal control processes.  Mr. Graessle co-authored an article on cyber-security published in Strategic Finance magazine, a publication of the Institute of Management Accountants.  

Bradley Hickory

Bradley Hickory

Bradley  Hickory possesses more than 20 years of experience in the security and protection fields.  Mr. Hickory is a U.S. Military veteran, having served as a reconnaissance Marine and combatant diver in the United States Marine Corps. Following his military service, Mr. Hickory  worked in loss prevention, law enforcement, and as a high threat protection specialist for Triple Canopy in Iraq.  He has provided services for foreign dignitaries and chief executives.  Mr. Hickory possesses Department of State Certifications for Worldwide Personal Protective Services and the ASIS Executive Protection Certification.  He  is also a licensed private investigator.

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Sarah Matyi

Mrs. Matyi is a ASIS International Certified Protection Professional, a Certified Fraud Examiner and an experienced corporate security professional.  Her areas of expertise include complex investigation, risk assessment, and security technology in corporate and industrial environments. As a corporate security executive she experienced three different public companies where her areas of responsibility included initiation of a U.S. regional security program, managing travel and geo-political intelligence for a global workforce, and performance and oversight of internal investigations, litigation support, physical security, and guard force operations.  Prior to her corporate security roles, Mrs. Matyi worked as an investigator at the District Attorney’s Office, Brooklyn, New York, and at the FBI.  She is a licensed private investigator.